Mueller Hydro-Guard industrial flushing system keeps water clean




The Mueller Hydro-Guard Industrial Flushing System assists in keeping water clean in manufacturing plants that are experiencing reduced and interrupted water usage during COVID-19.

The system is designed for small-sized water lines where water quality conditions, water age or excessive temperatures require it to be turned over frequently.

Product brand manager Harold Mosley said: “In these uncertain times, protecting water quality, and keeping water moving to prevent stagnation that can give rise to an increase in biofilm or lead leaching, is critical.

“The Hydro-Guard system is inexpensive, compact and easy to install and will reduce the risk of waterborne illness, ensuring safe drinking water.”

By using less water to flush the lines and less staff-hours to maintain equipment, while bringing a higher degree of consistency to the flushing effort, these devices have the ability to give a return on investment within one year.

The flush schedule of the Hydro-Guard Industrial Flushing System is managed by a Bluetooth controller that is powered by a single 9-volt battery.

For more advanced system monitoring and management, the Hydro-Guard Industrial Flushing can be upgraded to include SMART water quality monitoring, an upgrade that triggers flush events when preset levels of chlorine, temperature, pH, turbidity, flow and/or pressure is detected.

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